How it works

PassBox will be fitted to your bike for two weeks by the PassBox team in Melbourne 

You are eligible if

  • You cycle regularly on roads in Melbourne

  • You are over 18

You can't have PassBox fitted if: 

  • You have a basket on the back of your bike

  • You leave your bike outside in the rain overnight

You don't need a rear rack. 

You take the camera with you, but the distance sensor box stays on your bike when you leave it out in public. Short trips to the shops or the gym are fine, but if your bike is being left unsecured for longer than an hour or two then you will not be able to participate in the project. 

Carbon bikes are fragile - we'd prefer it if your bike's seat post wasn't made of carbon. 


What you get

Once your data is available (which may take several months) we will send you a summary of your cycling.

Your data will be available to government and advocacy groups to improve cycling safety in your town. 

Information about your cycling will also be made public on our website.

We may ask you to participate again in a year's time to see if driving behaviour has changed.