How does the device work?

The device uses GPS, video and precise ultrasound measurements to record every passing vehicle. PassBox then processes the data once you return the device.

What cyclists are you looking for?

We are looking for as many cyclists from around Perth to join our project. To start off we will be encouraging cyclists who regularly cycle to participate, but volunteer and we might be able to give occasional cyclists a turn too.  

I park my bike in public for long periods/overnight, can I still participate?

We prefer that your bicycle is parked in a secure and undercover location to protect it from heavy rain and theft. The equipment has been built for this project has precise sensors that cannot be removed from your bicycle and could be stolen.

You are responsible for the reasonable care of the equipment. In the event that the equipment is damaged or stolen as the result of leaving your bicycle unattended in an unsecured area, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement (approximately $500).

Is the device waterproof?

The device is ok in a drizzle but requires shielding from heavy rain. A cover will be provided on installation and must be used in heavy rain.

I have a carbon seat post, is this safe with the mount?

The device is reasonably light (1kg).

However we are not able to guarantee that the device mount will not damage a carbon seat post. If you have concerns, we recommend that you replace your seat post for the duration of the study.

We will not be financially responsible for any costs associated with carbon seat post damage that occurs in relation to fitting the device.

Can I ride on rough terrain while the device is fitted?

No. The device is fragile and could be damaged by off road riding. 

Is anyone else doing anything similar? 

We are aware that several universities across Australia are currently researching in this space, but none are actively recruiting participants at this stage. 

I live in regional Victoria, can I participate? 

We are currently focused on Melbourne and Perth, but if you have a group of people interested in organising a regional data collection then we could partner with you later in the year. Please send an e-mail to passingdistancestudy@gmail.com and we can talk about it more.